How to Install setoolkit In Termux without Root [Beta]

In this article i will explain you about how to Install setoolkit in termux without any root required.

Now we’ll install setoolkit in termux but remember this is beta testing version & some modules of setoolkit are not work properly. So wait few months, after his developer working on it that how to fully install working setoolkit in termux.

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Installation command of setoolkit:

  1. First update your termux, using this command  apt update && apt upgrade -y
  2. Then Install some package  apt install curl -y
  3.  curl -LO
  4.  sh
  5. Completing process, just type cd setoolkit
  6.  ./ install
  7. & just type  ./setoolkit

I hope friends you’re understand. Thanks for reading this article.


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